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Hidden Valley Patch

There are 2 activities you must complete for the Hidden Valley Ar-ca-loo-ka Patch.

  1. A Fun Day (minimum 8 hours in one or more sessions)
    OR An Overnight (in a tent or cabin).

  2. An Outdoor Service Project. 
    (Service projects already completed, Day Camp or Spring Fling activities do not apply.)

If you already have a Hidden Valley Patch, you can earn a puff of smoke patch to add each time you meet the 2 requirements. There is no limit to the number of puffs you can earn. For information on service projects contact the camp manager. To order your patches contact the Reservations Coordinator.

Service Projects

The following is a list of projects. Trail maintenance and mulching are ongoing needs. Please email and put "HV Service" in the subject line for more information about current service project needs. The list changes frequently as troops help out and needs change.

  • Mulching of eastern trails (anytime project; no prior arrangements needed; use buckets kept on south side of Evelyn’s Attic and gloves from cabin)

  • Pick up litter along Bob Billings Pkwy and our property, especially perimeter areas and streams. Take trash home with you.

  • Prairie Restoration: dig up sumac plants invading the prairie

  • Clean up fire rings and woodpiles of units sites

  • Native Woods Restoration ongoing: cutting or popping out honeysuckle shrubs along trails and in the understory

  • Gardening in butterfly garden and elsewhere

  • Clean out the bluebird boxes and monitor spring through fall

  • Mulching projects: new trees, gardens, unit sites, etc.

  • Burn accumulated brush at a specified fire ring

  • Adopt a unit site for the season or year

  • Dig out large rocks that have surfaced in trails and mowing areas

  • Plant a big tree or several smaller ones

  • Clean out old wood and restock woodpiles

  • Pull the invasive garlic mustard flower everywhere you see it

Projects for Older Girls; Consider One for an Award Project!

  • Cut back honeysuckle shrubs along roadway through camp or a 2-ft swath along the fence line

  • Cut out pockets of woods along 15th Street for future cedar tree plantings

  • Dig out cattails from wetland or use pond rake to pull out algae

  • Renovate one of the primitive unit sites on the west side and use it!

  • Carpentry project: design/build shelves in storage buildings

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