Reservations for hikes, cookouts, nature study, overnight camping, tree house/yurt, Ar-ca-loo-ka Cabin and our challenge programs can be made online or you may download the form and email to our Reservation contact: Kyra Flummerfelt. Please check the calendar for possible conflicts before submitting request.

Challenge Programs


The Lawrence Hidden Valley Committee, Inc. approved the installation of two zip-lines and an archery range on the property as part of their effort to support Girl Scouting in Douglas County. Girls look for outdoor adventure and activities, and these challenges are great for learning and personal growth.

A donation was made to Hidden Valley and the board decided a zip-line would be a great use of the funds and in June 2009 began training and use. Facilitator training and maintenance of the equipment require continued funding which is partially covered by the rental fees. Facilitators are volunteers who are professionally trained and then supervised by LHVC for the safety of the girls on the property.

After several years of planning and research, Hidden Valley built, in 2015, a three-target archery range, "Sherwood Forest", to enhance Hidden Valley's Challenge Program. Facilitators are volunteers who have been trained and are supervised by LHVC for the safety of the girls on the property.


Current Scout fee for zipline is $15@. Outside groups, $25@.

Current Scout fee for archery is $15@. Outside groups, $25@.

Tree House & Yurt

Please remember that progression in the outdoors is an important part of the Girl Scout Program. Use of the Treehouse for overnights will be limited to Cadette age girls and older. Please keep in mind that all camping/use of these two areas or camping in the Dogwood Forest area requires the ability to pack in all needed equipment. All vehicles must stop at the lower gravel lot.

Treehouse Safety Rules

  • Use at your own risk. Please use common sense!

  • Only on person on the ladder at a time.

  • No climbing over railing to enter or exit treehouse.

  • No climbing or sitting on the limbs of the trees.

  • No peeling bark off of the tree – it kills our tree!

Yurt Use Procedures

A yurt is a BIG tent so use the same care.

  • Leave the Yurt BETTER than you found it.

  • Do NOT lean against the walls or hang things on the walls.

  • ONLY ADULTS are to raise and lower the dome with the hand crank. Close it before you leave.

  • Cover the floor if you are going to do crafts/activities that use: glue, glitter, paint, etc.

  • NEVER have a flame of any kind inside the yurt (candles, lanterns, buddy-burners, stoves, etc.).

  • NEVER use aerosol sprays inside the yurt.

  • Eat inside the yurt only if weather prohibits dining outside (remember! we don’t eat in our tents either).

  • NO sweet drinks. ONLY water.

  • Sweep the yurt and clean up anything that may have fallen on the floor. We do not want to attract animals or insects.

  • Leave NOTHING in the yurt when you leave.

  • Close and zip down the windows and wall.

  • Close doors tightly to insure they latch (lock it if it was locked).

Ar-ca-loo-ka Cabin

  • No electricity

  • Stocked kitchen (equipment for indoor use ONLY!)

  • Craft Supplies

  • Solar lights and fans (for overnights be sure to bring battery operated lanterns)

  • Great for meetings, badge work and sleepovers

  • During storms, cabin is available for sharing with

Outdoor Shelters

(Redbud & Southern Shade)

  • Benches

  • On concrete pad

  • Great for meetings!

  • Southern Shade has outdoor fireplace for cooking.

completed fireplace.jpg

The Gathering Place

  • Fire ring

  • 3 Permanent picnic tables (1 with wheelchair accessibility)

  • Closer to lower parking lot (limited parking)


A full line of camping and cooking equipment is available for troops to reserve and check out, including kitchen boxes, tables, tarps,tools & tents. Tent checkout requires a tent training session for leaders who can then instruct their scouts on proper use.


Ar-ca-loo-ka Cabin is also stocked with craft supplies and may be reserved for troop meetings, activities, or camp-ins. It’s a great place to start for younger scouts.


Equipment available for check-out:

  • buckets & water jugs (for fires & drinking water)

  • rakes & shovels (for fire safety and trail maintenance)

  • garden carts (to transport gear & supplies for trail maintenance)

  • tents (require tent training session for leaders to ensure proper use)

  • games

  • crafting supplies

  • ...and more!

  • If you don't see what you're looking for just ask...we may have it!