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Current Job Postings

Position Title

Public Relations Coordinator for Lawrence Hidden Valley Camp


Reports To

The Public Relations Coordinator will report to the Lawrence Hidden Valley Committee (LHVC) Board, Chair.


Position Overview

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for such duties as organizing events, recruiting volunteers. This person will work primarily with the LHVC Board and camp users.

This is a quarter-time, salaried position with an anticipated commitment of at least 400 hours throughout the year.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Works with the LHVC Camp Board to recruit and coordinate volunteers for various projects and events.

  2. Develops and organizes events at Hidden Valley, including fundraising events.

  3. Works with the LHVC Public Relations Chair and Committee to promote Hidden Valley.

  4. Works in tandem with LHVC Board members and with Friends of Hidden Valley (FHV) and the FHV Volunteer Coordinator during Hidden Valley Workdays.

  5. Works with the Hidden Valley webmaster to update and maintain the website. 

  6. Provides written reports to the LHVC Board as needed.

  7. Knowledge of and experience with a variety of social media platforms.


Basic qualifications 

  1. Basic familiarity with the Scouting community

  2. Experience with recruiting, collaborating with, and managing volunteers, large groups of people, and skilled labor

  3. Ability to organize and manage large and small events

  4. Demonstrated ability to communicate with a variety of audiences, including children, teens, adults, board members, contractors and other skilled workers

  5. Ability to work within a budget

  6. Experience with basic technology – Microsoft Office, email, social media platforms, etc.

Preferred qualifications 

  1. Experience with volunteer recruitment through local or regional organizations

  2. Intermediate or Advanced basic technology skills – Microsoft Office, email, social media platforms, etc.

  3. Project management experience



  1. Valid driver’s license

  2. Registered Girl Scout within 30 days of job acceptance and maintained annually.  Annual Membership dues paid by the LHVC Board.

  3. Background check as required by the Girl Scouts Council of NEKS/NWMO.

Please send resume to Sarah Meinershagen at by Mar 1, 2023.

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